Digital Marketing

We balance the Art of digital strategy with the Science of technology to generate the right connection at precisely the right time.
Digital Marketing

“The number one factor in delivering a great customer experience is not delighting customers, but reducing their efforts.” – Harvard Business Review

While marketing’s basic focus of connecting with a customer has not changed, the continuing digital evolution has expanded and fundamentally altered the channels in which we connect. We have embraced technology to help drive revenue and improve customer experiences, but the balance has shifted to a reliance on technology, tipping the scales away from the experiences that create meaningful human connections. This imbalance can hinder marketing’s effectiveness and overall performance.

While technology is a necessary requirement to optimize customer engagement and deliver more contextual and relevant experiences, it must be balanced by strategy, creativity and messaging – creating human connections that improve experiences and outcomes. ECENTA Digital approaches digital marketing from the customer perspective; creating experiences they expect through a skillful balance of marketing technology and strategy.

ECENTA Digital can help your organization with:

  • Finding the right balance through digital strategy development
  • Analysis and reporting, targeting and segmentation
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Demand generation
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Social media
  • Meaningful customer experiences
  • SEO/SEM/Paid Media
  • A variety of other digital marketing needs

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