How SAP’s technology enables marketers to fulfill customer experience objectives combining data and strategy

As we know from our best practices guide about SAP’s Marketing Cloud, formerly known as Hybris Marketing, the platform combines a multitude of data sources to provide a holistic view of customers. It allows marketers to deliver more relevant customer experiences built around personalized contexts, and it provides real-time insights to quickly respond to consumer trends and interactions. The marketer can truly create experiences that reach, understand, and connect with customers. However, before all of these great practices are effective, a framework must be followed.

First, identify clear CX objectives

The first step in using SAP Marketing Cloud is understanding your company’s customer experience (CX) objectives. Who are your customers? What are your core statements and beliefs about what kind of experience you want to deliver? How will you interact with your customers, and in which channels? Understanding your company objectives at each touchpoint of the customer journey will tell you which applications and tools will be utilized within the software to increase engagement and ultimately meet CX objectives. After you’ve identified baseline tool requirements for your CX efforts, you’ll be able to even customize the platform to meet those objectives.

Next, blend your data with strategy(ies)

The SAP Marketing Cloud brings a wealth of data to your fingertips. Access to the data dimensions it affords, as well as applications to interpret them, will help your team with decision-making around CX (and by the way, marketing campaigns and lead management). The data will enable you and your team to create CX and marketing strategies to leverage real results from your integrated efforts.

For example, custom predictive scoring is a feature of SAP Marketing Cloud. These predictive scores can be used in segmentation to help identify audiences for campaigns, or identify contacts with more propensity to buy (or complain, for that matter!)

Now, the technology

SAP Marketing Cloud is powerful and robust – driving ROI for your CX and marketing campaigns. And for as sophisticated as the platform is, it’s key that team members learn and utilize the tool at any stage of CX, marketing, or technology maturity. SAP offers learning on many levels - for teams just getting started, the site affords a step-by-step through the platform, from creating a customer profile to customer journey insights, and engagement interaction to budget planning.

For customers familiar with the platform and looking to up their game, there are Deep Dive tutorials available for areas including lead management, planning and performance, segmentation, budgeting, and more. There are also Open SAP courses available to your team free of charge. These courses are usually self-paced and will help you gain real mastery of the platform.

To learn more about SAP Marketing Cloud you can also read SAP’s blog here.